About Us

represent all the churches of North and South Dakota. The word, “Classis,” is a Latin word meaning “fleet.” In many ways our Classis is like a fleet of ships, unique in size and personality. While our diversity makes our fleet colorful, it is our unity in vision and mission that makes us strong.

We are unified in our Vision that “Jesus is Lord!” This spiritual reality fuels the “why” we do “what” we do. It guides and drives us into our Mission of Renewal, Discipleship, and Multiplication.

We accomplish the work of Classis through various teams, offices, and staff. Our teams function around our values of Renewal, Discipleship, and Multiplication. Teams meet as needed through the year to do the work of Classis in their respective areas. Our Admin Team – officers, elders, and staff – meets as needed throughout the year to provide leadership and advance the mission of Classis in between stated sessions. Classis meets once per year in the Fall, alternating between North and South Dakota. Because our region is so large, we have created 4 Clusters within our Classis to increase regional connectivity. Clusters function like a mini-classis providing peer-to-peer and church-to-church support and companionship.

Our offices:

  • Classis President Rev. Cody Raak, Pastor, Emmanuel Reformed Church, Springfield, SD
    Provides leadership at any stated session of Classis, including the Admin Team.
  • Vice President Dennis Olsen, Elder, First Reformed Church, Sioux Falls, SD
    Serves along side the President.
  • Stated Clerk Brenda Van Beek
    Keeps record of all the proceedings of the body and furnishes official notices of classis activities.
  • Treasurer Brenda Van Beek
    Manages our Classis finances. Provides information related to denominational financial related issues.
  • Synod Admin Member Rev. Clyde Teel, Community Reformed Church, Sioux Falls, SD
    Serves as liaison between Classis and Regional Synod.
  • Classis Pastor Rev. Seth Sundstrom
    Works to develop healthy pastors and healthy churches.