Pastor Search

Engaging a search for your next Pastor brings many emotions and questions for church leaders. When approached from a kingdom perspective, the search season can be a rich time of growth for the church. However, given the infrequency of searches for most churches, many experience the search season as a time of confusion and frustration. Below are links, resources, and ideas to assist you.

1. You’re Not Alone! – If you’re a church in search, contact your support network ASAP.
Churches without a called/installed pastor are required to have a Classis Supervisor (moderator). The Supervisor will be able to help you make connections needed to begin you search. In addition, the Classis Pastor (staff) is tasked with helping churches in the search process.

2. Go World Wide – connecting to the right resources online will make your search faster and broader.
Here are some links from the site:

Church profile form (this is the form you fill out and provide to the denomination)

Advertise in the Classifieds. Click not he “Submit a Job” button to create an ad for your church. While you’re at it, read some ads placed by other churches to inspire you to write your own ad.

The CRC Banner has a similar option here.

Use Social Media. If your church maintains a Facebook page or website, advertise there and ask others to share.

3. Resource Your Team

Get a copy of the Pastoral Search Handbook.

There are also some great books available to help your team think through the process ahead. A recent top seller is, “Search: The Pastoral Search Committee Handbook” by Willian Vanderbloemen

4. Pray
This seems obvious, right? Yet this is the element most of us push to the end of a meeting and rush to accomplish. If we really believe in the sovereignty of God, its important to express it. Make prayer a priority by scheduling it.

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